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Adept I

Why is God of War so unstable?

Why is God of War so unstable? I feel a rather incongruous performance.

Despite having received several patches, the game still has stability issues, in various environments and scenarios the GPU usage drops and the FPS also drops, without any explanation.

I've seen more reports of this type by AMD users than other GPU manufacturers.

My heart aches to see great youtube influencers saying that this game is the best port ever made...

But however, if the majority of complaints are from AMD users, could this be a graphics driver issue? I've heard a lot of reports that DX 11 games do very poorly on AMD graphics cards, right?

Well, look at a video capture I made, regardless of the graphic quality, the FPS remains low, as well as the GPU and CPU usage, in other scenarios I can reach 75+ fps in High quality.


Ryzen 5 3600
Vega 56


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