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Journeyman III

Why Did AMD Say There Would Be Plenty Of Radeon VII on Launch?

Can you ever trust some one after they LIE to you ....??? Pure BS and the one who said no shortage of cards should be fired .

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There's going to be 5000 cards, and at $700 USD (higher in other countries due to exchange rate, import fees, and VAT), it's not exactly going to fly off the shelves considering the noisy cooler, hefty power draw, and lack of future proof features compared to the CHEAPER RTX 2080.


The 2080 is NOT cheaper. It is extremly rare to find a RTX 2080 for $699, most are priced closer to $800 to $850. Spreading misinformation is NOT in the interest of users here. The latest driver allows one to do an auto undervolt that reduces fan speed noticeably. A manual undervolt will also work and can reduce it even more. Be honest!


It's not rare, it's regular price on Newegg for some models. It's the 8GB model yes, but you're not going to exceed that in games at this time even at 4K.

And there are currently 2 models on sale cheaper than that, a reference blower edition for $679.99 and a custom edition for $683.99, the latter being a much better deal than the Vega II in the USA.


  Not quite true there are some games that want 11GB of memory. In

another year there will be several more.


Name one and post benchmarks from reputable review sites showing real performance differences between 6/8 GB cards and 11/12GB cards. 3DMark 4K/8X AA and Uningine Superposition 4K/8xAA don't count.


  This was mentioned by YouTuber Not an Apple Fan or Adored TV. It was

not a benchmark, they showed it in a game how the game demanded 11GB of

vram. Sorry I can't be more specific but the video was quite explicit.


There are titles that will use more than 8Gb VRAM if you have it available.  Although, if you don't it doesn't seem to hurt performance much.  I'm sure they texture detail can be dynamically scaled to some degree to deal with available RAM/VRAM


That's not exactly conclusive because VRAM reporting tools report the "allocated" VRAM, not the VRAM in use, they didn't use a 2080 8GB and 11GB for an apples to apples comparison since we know from the Vega II tests that nVidia and AMD cards utilize VRAM differently, and none of the cards they used were equal in power since the 2080 Ti is -far- faster than Vega 64 so conclusions really can't be drawn from it, especially as BF V at 4K full details only the 2080 Ti is able to put out playable frame rates.

Also since VRAM measurements were taken with the 2080Ti, it is quite possible the game did not shift unneeded resources into RAM (which was the real point of the article) and doesn't represent actual VRAM usage.


Still in all most of those issues are solvable with the latest driver release and using wattman to auto undervolt the card reduces the fan speed to a tolerable level.  As far as demand AMD has proven at times to resort to lying like Nvidia does, when it suits their purpose. The truth is only one of 2 possibilities: the yields are low on 7nm process or they are so good that AMD would rather not disable units to sell at $699 when they can sell the Radeon Instinct for about $3000. Many seasoned industry experts are saying AMD has no plan to mass produce this card as the profit margin is so slim with the 16GB of HBM2 that is included. According to them this card was for bragging rights for the first consumer 7nm gpu and to hold users in place until the much delayed Navi is ready for mass production. This tactic is frustrating to those who genuinely want to purchase the Radeon 7 card. By not executing nimbly on Navi AMD has painted itself into a corner. Whatever they do until Navi arrives will alienate many. If Navi does not come until October and does not exceed expectations in performance, AMD will really suffer greatly.  They need better leadership in the gpu division and more resources. Having to retape Navi due to a design flaw set them back several months. Better management and resources should have discovered this issue earlier in the game.  My own view is that truth is better told to customers than lies. Being frank about the errors builds more confidence than trying to paper over problems and giving out no explanation or one that just doesn't ring true.


It has been readily available from AMD's shop for a few days now.


  Sporadically in drips and drabs. I doubt if more than 10,000 have

been sold yet and little more produced. and Amazon only had

availability on initial day for an hour or less.