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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

When is AMD Link going to be available for PC to TV?

The Windows 10 Connect feature sucks (at least with Samsung TVs). You *might* get it to work once in a blue moon. I have tried other software etc (but they either don't work correctly or... I just don't want to dish out more money).

Considering that AMD Link could fulfill this function, why does it not do that? I have seen this same request on other forums many times. So... when are we getting this feature for the AMD Link?

I have gone Team Red for the first time (including the CPU and GPU). So... prove to me I made the right decision by allowing users to use AMD Link with their PC/TVs. If it helps, this is the TV I have:

58" Class NU6080 Smart 4K UHD TV.

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