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Journeyman III

WHEA Uncorrectable Error Ryzen 5 3600

My system configuration is: 

Ryzen 5 3600, 

Gigabyte B550M DS3H Board

Corsair LPX DDR4 16GB Ram @3200mhz

Previously ADATA Swordfish 250GB which is replaced with now Samsung EVO 980 pro 250 GB NVMe SSD

AMD R7 265 Graphics card 

Corsair VS 650 PSU

Gigabyte C200 Casing


The system was built last month. And it was working fine, almost, then it started causing BSOD with mostly error WHEA Uncorrectable Error. 

The screen would turn blue at 0% and would never proceed. no matter how long i wait. 

I would have to reset the system and right after gigabyte logo appears, system says to insert bootmedia and press any key to continue. To go beyond this screen, i would have to power down my system for a while then turn on again. 

After restart, miniDumps are not created. 

Mostly the error occurs when I Play Call of Duty on Gameloop. 

The system would give bluescreen always whenever the game is loading and i am unable to play. 

What I have tried so far: 

tired changed GPU drivers. Even changed GPU to Nvidia 1050Ti. Same issue. 

changed ram slots.

changed bios versions. 

changes OS multiple times.

Changed Ram slots. 

Nothing worked. 

Until recently, I used my brother's SSD (samsung 2.5"). installed game and it gave no error. no bluescreen. So I thought the issue is with the SSD. So I went to market today and changed my AData SSD with Samsung Evo 980 PRO. 

After installing everything, drivers etc and gameloop, the bluescreen error again occurred while Call of Duty was loading. 

I am out of ideas, the system is brand new. 

I tried XPM disabled and enabled to test if it is the issue but no change. 


Please guide if anyone has idea. 

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