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Adept I

whea logger 18 happen again and again

I build this pc for december 2021 and have the problem of whea 18 for 1 year and 8 months and i dont know how to fix it

i used to fresh install windows / RMA CPU and GPU got a new one both / RMA mobo and they said it's normal / use ups / use water cooling / buy a new psu now use 850w themaltake / update bios

when i got a new gpu the problem lost for 3 or 4 months and happened with my psu too plz help

Ryzen 7 5800 x

Fury beast 16x 2 3200

Sapphire 6600 xt

B450 aorus elite

Thermaltake tough power gf 850 w

F63 bios b

Windows 11

it's hard restart no bsod just black screen and automatic restart happened when i play game test on occt it's not happened

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