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Adept II

What would happen if...

We took a 4700s, removed it's APU, and transplanted a PS5 APU into its place?

Yes, I know I'd potentially be killing both devices, ignore that.

The PS5 APU would still have it's graphics enabled.

I'm sure with a driver and using passthrough to a simple video out card like a 1030, (like a laptop do when it have more one GPU, or when they used those "IO less" mining GPUs to play and all, we'd be able to use at least some of the PS5 GPU to play games and would perform better than using an equivalent GPU since the PCIE slot is limited and all.

Another concern would be power delivery.

Would just the 8 pin connector be able to deliver enough power?


Also, cooling.


What you guys think?

Keep an open mind here.

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Sooo... you have no concerns about sofware being able to actually talk with PS5 APU as well as driver support?
My guess, even if you somehow manage transplant, it won't boot up

That's a good concern.

But, seeing that the CPU is basically the same, like, the GPU is there, just disabled.

Why wouldn't it boot? Lack of energy?


Well... You have system, with fixed CPU and BIOS that have microcode specifically for support of this CPU. While for PS5 there are likely subtle changes were made on Sony demand. So normal BIOS likely won't be able to talk to PS5 APU without microcode update.
As i said, you can try, but if your problem won't be on technical side, it will likely hit software wall. But for experiment sake you also can see if modification of software side is also possible to get it to support PS5 APU.