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Adept I

What made you choose AMD Radeon or Ryzen instead of Nvidia GeForce or Intel?

What made you choose AMD Radeon or Ryzen instead of Nvidia GeForce or Intel?

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Adept I

My favourite colour is red.

Adept II

I have a Ryzen 7 2700x. I never chose it because it was a motherboard bundle gift from a friend, however I would have probably gone the Ryzen route because it was just comparatively good value. I also didn't choose the Radeon Pro W6800, which I was lucky enough to win in an online competition. In this case I would definitely not have chosen AMD, and having experienced the issues I do on a daily basis for the last few months, I would be unlikely to choose AMD in future. I'm sure 99% of the problems are caused by totally inadequate cooling, and as there are no aftermarket solutions, short of me custom building one, I am stuck with it.


I have been building PC's with Amd (ATI) graphics cards and cpu's for years..

When AMD's first 1ghz CPU was released, it killed the Intel equivalent Pentium.. 

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Adept I

I have always had AMD processors even since my early days, and they have always worked well for my use. I also don't buy into the Intel marketing. When it comes to Radeon, I just found the cards to be a better value, and they work with Ubuntu out of the box.

Adept II

I've had more hardware reliability with Radeon over GeForce. My last GeForce card decided to burst every electrolytic capacitor on the card. They looked like the face hugger eggs after hatching in Aliens. Not a great experience...


Now software-wise I've definitely had issues on and off, but I can't remember a time where where there wasn't a quick fix or workaround until a fix was released where it wouldn't work at all.


CPU-wise AMD has almost always been a better value or the overall platform flexibility made more sense in my build. For lower power or embedded I still use a lot of team blue based hardware mostly due to their availability, price and they have a seemingly much wider product catalog.

Adept III

 For me its the Price point and with intel and now that AMD has got very nice performing processors with more threads it's really an easy choice now for the GPU it used to be Nvidia all the way until I started to fiddle around with the Vega 64 and the Radeon 7 were I noticed that wow you can really overclock and undervolt these GPUs and bump them up to close to a Nvidia GPU for much cheaper then came RDNA 2 and i started to notice that they had faster cards except for the ray tracing part which for me is still in full gimmick status and doesn't do enough to justify the performance cost to even run so I went with the lower price point once again so in the end as long as i can adjust and play 4k 60 fps in at least high which you very much can with RDNA 2 in all games so to me Nvidia is just not worth the extra 500 dollars and I'm getting everything I want with AMD so why not go AMD to me this is a easy choice.......

Adam J Martin

I've come back and forth in Intel and AMD with a Cyrix in between but I retain these moments in my IT Life/Career

-> When the AMD Athlon "Thunderbird" beat the Pentium III
-> When the AMD AthlonXP 1800+ "Palomino" slaughtered the Pentium 4
-> When Intel raised the prices so high that the sensible choice or FPS per Buck made me Buy the Phenom

I do own Intel CPU's but I tend to travel the path I know best. So AMD sits in the main rig.

In the Graphics Card side, I went ATi/AMD when Matrox sunk hard with the Parhelia.

Super Simple!

The Englishman

My first DIY build was the AMD FX6300. And ever since, most budgets I had Ryzen had the better price to performance (2600, 3700, soon to be 5800X3D)

And far as GPUs, my first two were Nvidia (1060 3GB, 3060 Ti) So when I was finally able to afford a "Highend" GPU, I liked the $650 price of the 6800 XT instead of the 3080. Yeah, I'm cheap like that, lol. And also because I've never owned an AMD GPU so wanted to try it out. No regrets.

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Adept III

I usually go for companies that are open, open source, encourage tinkering and adjusting, giving you everything to learn and squeeze the most performance or customs settings each individual likes based on games they play. My first system i every built was a fx9590 and rx390 crossfire with a msi motherboard with no case lol. I loved it and now my son has it. Dr. Lisa Su has completely turned the company around and still open source for devs and others to implement their software. Open source usually dominates proprietary especially in case of freesync and soon fsr/rsr. There is never a moment of anger with youtubers talking down their products or putting on the no send list or say these good things about our products or else, they just take the criticism and go to work and push along. I admire that. 

I first heard about ATi back in the day when the 9700 Pro toasted nVidia's top end cards. I had a GF4 Ti 4200, basically running nVidia cards only before that. I'd become a fan of ATi/AMD since then. I was using AMD CPUs up to the FX 8350, I have fond memory of cracking 20k mark in 3DMark01 with an AMD Athlon XP 2800+ Barton + ATi 9800 Pro. Oh, the good old days!


I try my best to get AMD because I like the vibes I get from AMD, its open source culture is what drew me in most. Also, I love that AMD allows support for a few iterations of CPUs, like AM4. So unlike Intel which has a penchant for socket changes with every new iteration of CPU, though that has changed as of late (prolly due to AMD's success with Ryzen), love that even older X/B 300 series mobo can even support 5000 series CPUs.


I dislike any company that tries to lock in its customers with proprietary hardware and software, hence my abhorrence of nVidia and Apple with their wall-garden ecosystem. My Leadtek GTX 1080 Hurricane OC currently in my HTPC was purchased pre-owned, I am not above getting nVidia but not willing to pay premium prices for them, hence pre-owned.


I am looking forward to the RX 7900 XT, and perhaps the R9 5900X3D (should it be released, or the 5800X3D as its alternative). Not going to go AM5 as I have an excellent AM4 mobo in the GB X570 Aorus Xtreme, so I'm sticking with AM4.

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