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Journeyman III

Well My RX 5700XT I Got As a RMA Upgrade From a 5600XT Died After 3 Day Of Uses

i even got it on video to GTA Online of all games killed the card. the real kicker is i was in the clouds!!!!!!!!!!! wait for a heist to start. u can skip to 17 mins to see when the card just dies on me.

ive now gone though three 5,000 series GPUs from AMD. my first two was a XFX 5600XT and then a powercolor 5600XT, now its powercolor 5700XT that powercolor themselfs upgraded me that shat the bed. r the 5,000 GPUs just doomed to be cursed? my RX580 at the least still works. but man this sucks a big one. 

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All you can do is RMA it and consider that you're ps might be killing them.