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Warranty support - communication exclusively via email?

Trying to RMA a Ryzen 7 1800x purchased in retail packaging from newegg last Nov (pre-black friday sale).

The chip was manufactured in week 9 and suffers from the publicly acknowledged Segfault issue (I have run the script several times to be sure).

I opened a warranty claim service ticket and have been communicating with AMD Global Customer Care.  There is an approximate 24 hour delay between emails.

The latest is they say that the SN/product ID on my chip matches that of an OEM/tray processor and that I should 'contact my supplier".  I'm not going to argue that point because I have no idea how they manage their product ID's

However, I have sent pictures of the retail package/box and the invoice from Newegg indicating that it was sold to me a s a retail product.  I have not yet received a response from AMD Global Customer Care. (over 24 hours has elapsed)

Does anyone know of another communication method available to us(me, specifically)  that could tighten the loop and allow for a quicker resolution?


amdmatt​  SR #{ticketno:[8200789288]} -- if you have the time and inclination to take a look.

Edit2:  I just received an automated email indicating that my RMA request was approved. However, the product ID in the authorization does not match the product ID stamped on the physical CPU (YD180XBCM88AE).   I'm confused.  It seems that I received a retail-packaged CPU with an OEM/tray product ID. 

This information from CPU-world squares with what AMD Global Customer Care said regarding my product ID matching that of an OEM/tray processor

  • YD180XBCM88AE is an OEM/tray microprocessor
  • YD180XBCAEWOF is a boxed microprocessor without fan and heatsink

I'm hesitant to send the chip back when product ID in the RMA authorization doesn't match the chip (or the info I gave in the RMA request)

Still hoping for some feel-good hand-holding on this.

Edit3:  Excerpt from an email response from AMDGlobal Customer Care: "Please note YD180XBCM88AE is the processor part number that is engraved on the processor LID. When same processor is bundled along with heat sink fan inside an retail box pack, the box pack is labeled as YD180XBCAEWOF part number."  

That's the feel-good hand-holding I was hoping for.  I do appreciate it.

Basically I confused the issue by focusing on the information on the CPU rather than what was on the retail box.

My original question regarding "an alternative to email communication with customer" care remains unanswered.   However - based on the fact that my question has received zero response in this forum - I think this might have been the wrong place to ask in the first place.

Good luck to all that follow.

Message was edited by: Dan Malkinski  - adding SR# and @AMDMatt (with fingers crossed)

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Community Manager

Re: Warranty support - communication exclusively via email?

I believe you've now been updated via email, i will close this thread.