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Journeyman III

VMware don't recognize cores


At the moment i've got big troubles because i it seems like the core's (which are recognized in my VM ) are not interacting with the host. And this is not for only for one VM, this occure at all my VM's .

For example in my VM i did activated 3 threads and is running > 80% CPU, but at the host is don't see anything happends. Al the process are "in sleep".  So now the VM is updating to windows version 2004 and this take a whole day!

I've got an HP pavilion gaming laptop with an AMD Ryzen 5 4600H processor and is full up to date.

My OS is windows10 home latetst updated 

I'am using the lastes VMware player 16. .1 and nothing appear in the message log.

Windows tools for VMware are auto updated, and i saw also the tools are up to date. 

Virtualisation is anbled in the bios otwherwise i could run VM's.

I also enabled AMD-V/RVI but i can't recognise any difference.


Any suggestions are welcome !

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If you haven't done so I suggest you open a VMware Player thread at VMware Player Forum:

Deleted the portion of the reply that I said you needed Hyper-V enabled. @Thanny  is correct that VMware before version 15.x was incompatible with Hyper-V being enabled.

Still believe you should open a Thread at VMware Player Forum and see if other Users are having the same issue as you are.






You do not need Hyper-V enabled to run VMware Player or VMware Workstation.  On any version before 15.5, you can't use them at all when Hyper-V is enabled, as it virtualizes the entire host OS.  VMware had to work with Microsoft for a long time to make their products work on a machine that's using Hyper-V.

As for the original problem, I'd suggest looking at power options to make sure the CPU is able to clock up properly.  You might also want to run a couple benchmark-style programs (archive up some files, for example) on the host and in the VM, to compare performance.  There shouldn't be a whole lot of difference, provided you're allowing the same number of cores (easy to do with an archiver like WinRAR).