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Vega GL in i7-8809G may not be (true) Vega after all (TomsHardware)

Would be nice if AMD were able to put out a response to this. Intel's is:

This is a custom Radeon graphics solution built for Intel. It is similar to the desktop Radeon RX Vega solution with a high bandwidth memory cache controller and enhanced compute units with additional ROPs.

Kaby Lake-G's Vega Credentials Questioned: Rapid Packed Math Not Working

As with any new shocking development, rumors have swirled around Intel's "Kaby Lake-G" since AMD announced it was selling custom graphics chips to its longtime chip rival. Many of the early reports suggested that Intel was purchasing previous-generation "Polaris"-based silicon. Intel later quashed the rumors when it gave us the full rundown of its new Kaby Lake-G processors with Radeon RX Vega graphics. But recent discoveries throw those credentials into question.  

We recently tested the Kaby Lake-G Core i7-8809G in Intel's Hades Canyon NUC. As we noted in our coverage, many third-party utilities weren't reporting certain parameters correctly, such as package power consumption and temperatures. That certainly isn't out of the ordinary for pre-release hardware. Given the obvious lack of optimization for the new processors, we chalked these disparities up to reporting errata.

Now Kaby Lake-G is back in the news with speculation that its graphics are more akin to the Polaris architecture than Vega. Rather than simply reporting on that speculation, we ran some of our own tests to see if Intel supports one of features AMD advertises as Vega-specific. What we found was more than a little surprising

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