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Journeyman III

Unable to get AMD-RAID Virtual disk to show after Driver installation, B550 NVME Raid (Non-boot)

I've followed the manual/AMD RAID Quickstart, I can make a Raid 0 Array with my two NVMe drives using Raidxpert2 in BIOS (UEFI and SATA Raid mode set as per MSI manual), I can install windows on the Sata SSD that I plan to use as a boot drive that all works.

But while installing the raid drivers, I don't end up seeing the AMD-RAID Virtual disk.
The drives just stay as Drive 0 and Drive 1 throughout the process, and cannot have windows installed to them.

These drivers are from the MSI page for the motherboard, and I use the NVME_DID ones.
In this order, rcbottom, rcraid, rccfg
All them install fine but my two drives still show up at Drive 0 and Drive 1 in windows setup (I don't plan on installing windows on them but I believe this is wrong as I've continued setup two times now and only been able to see the drives in Disk Manager, and not actually seen as a single volume)

Am I skipping a step or stopping early should I be able to see the volume at this point in the installation? My check is that I should theoretically be able to install windows onto it but I'm unable so I think I've configured something wrong.

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