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Journeyman III

trouble with setting up multichannel output from PC

Hi, I recently bought an LG OLED BX and I finally decided to move my gaming pc to my living room to enjoy surround sound in games. I've faced many problems doing this, I will list the solutions I tried below. Components are the mentioned tv, my pc with a Radeon RX580 and Windows 10, an old yamaha htr-3068 receiver.

  • PC->TV via hdmi audio via ARC to receiver: doesn't work, the tv EDID info only list stereo and dolby atmos as compatible audio formats. I tried forcing a modified driver to include other formats but this either doesn't work or the format show up in the configuration but rear and central channels don't arrive to the receiver. I also tried enabling dolby atmos (following a suggestion on nvidia forums stating that this will produce bolby live signals when atmos is not available) but I can't get it to even play the test sound. PROS: simplest solution, HRD and VRR supported CONS: stereo only
  • PC->receiver->TV: this is the most straightforward solution that actually works, pc recognises the 5.1 capabilities of the receiver and that's it. PROS: straighforward CONS: HDR and VRR not available (and I bought this tv for the VRR support). this configuration seems to mess something up with vsync, I basically see stutters even in simple games, probably due to signal having to go back and forth through the receiver
  • PC->TV and PC->receiver: using two hdmi cables and extending the displays I can send the audio directly to the receiver. PROS: works. VRR supported CONS: tv and receiver need to be on and set up correctly (input selected etc...) before the pc is turned on (it will mess things up otherwise). Can't enable HDR for some reason. When I turn on the pc I have to go settings and go though duplicate displays and extend displays, otherwise the pc will only use the TV output.
  • I suppose I could buy and audio extractor for relatively cheap, but I would lose VRR support I think.
  • I don't have an optical out on the pc so that is not an option at the moment.

Sorry for the long post. I was driven crazy that there's no option to force a 5.1 signal from windows when all the cheap devices (consoles, android tvs, firesticks etc...) can do it.

Any advice to improve what I tried or is there any other solution I missed?

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Journeyman III

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Journeyman III

I got some answers on this Reddit thread