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Adept II

Think i might need an upgrade

At present i am using the Asus B450M-A Motherboard with a Ryzen 7 2700x CPU, 32GB Ram, 800watt corsair module PSU. and a 2TB Seagate hybrid hard drive. but its running very sluggish and hangs often. I have wiped all the crap off it and only have a couple of apps running. Its not very quick even when i format so i am guessing i have a problem with either the hard drive or maybe the CPU is no good for the motherboard or visa versa. I have been looking at SSD drives and PCIe drives. I have watched some video's on YouTube but am still confused on what would run best. I have googled "best motherboards" but the 470x keeps coming up in forums as better than the 570x. I had an x470x Prime and it died after 9 months (hence the cheap one i'm using now). Is the 570x better than the 470x? and would you recommend a SSD or a PCIe drive? I just want to upgrade now i have some spare cash. I think my CPU is still up there with the best and my RAM is 32GB Corsair LED 3000MHz DDR4. What are your thoughts on the 470x and the 570x? Also whats the best SSD around £200. or PCIe drive. Am i better upgrading the MB or hard drive first? PC Info attached.... Thanks :-) 

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Get a M.2 NVMe SSD and use the hard disks for secondary storage.

I am using the Intel 660p SSD which has been rock solid in my studio,