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Journeyman III

The second graphics card does not connect

Hello. When connecting a second AMD RADEON HD 7900 Series graphics card (similar to the one already installed), the computer does not display it in the Device Manager, as well as in other programs (AMD Catalyst Control Center or AMD Radeon Software). The instructions say that this is possible
Windows 10 64 bit system. Previously, there were no problems before reinstalling the OS and cleaning the system unit, there is also a special loop for AMD Crossfire, however, a similar problem has appeared at the moment. I sinned on the breakdown of contacts and the operability of graphics cards, however, when checking, the ports turned out to be serviceable and both graphics cards (separately) work and are displayed in the Device Manager. I have tried a lot, in advance, I am grateful for any help. What to do? maybe you need some kind of driver or program to configure?

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