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Journeyman III

The Isle, Sea of Thieves, Ark: Survival Evolved Randomly Crashing


I got a new pc. All my games look beautiful on it, but they all inevitably crash at random. Sometimes I get error messages, most commonly the following: "Unreal Engine has stopped due to D3D device being lost." Other times they just crash to desktop, or the computer completely freezes until it either restarts itself or I have to hold down the power button to cut power. Also, sometimes while playing The Isle, my screen goes completely black, or black pixels start flowing across the screen until it's completely black. Using Alt+Enter usually fixes this issue, but doesn't guarantee it won't happen again.

Graphics Settings

I launched the AMD Software the pc came with, used Quick Setup --> Standard. Initially I had been using the Quick Setup --> Gaming mode, but I thought it might have made the issue worse; some of the guides online recommended turning off any proprietary functions of the graphics card, as those can cause issues. Anyway, I haven't messed with in-game settings because they run really well when they're not crashing. So the settings are just the default high/very high ones. I should note that HDMI scaling is set to 5% because the TV I'm using for a monitor has a pretty obscene overscan that I would otherwise have to correct every time I turned on the tv.


Graphics Card   AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT
CPU   AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen 5

Motherboard   ASRock 550AM Gaming


PSU   idk but I don't think it's a problem

Display   Apex Digital TV via HDMI

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Adept II

Welcome to the world of AMD RX 5000 video cards.  It seems to be a wild roller coaster ride. : S