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Journeyman III

Storemi problem

I had learned from the advertise page sometime around the end of December 2018. And was very much encouraged to purchase a system of AMD mother board (B450) and Ryzen processor R7 2700X. In the beginning I didn’t realize that there is limited use of storemi tiers (in fact now I warned and know only one set allowed) and misunderstanding of the Asus Strix B450-F gaming motherboard (which thought to support NVMe raid). I simply want to have a raided NVMe M2 tired with my newly purchased 6T data Disk. However, raid NVMe never worked in this mother board. I thought that’s Ok, then turn to installed system in the slower big disk (as had been exemplified in the google “Utube” Video pages) then tiered with one of my M2 (fast disk). Now very much disappointed.

I have to declare that I have carefully read the operation guide (and there was no regulation mentioning about how many sets of storemi tiered disks limitation) before I start doing the following process. A disaster happened to me with unsuccessful tiering (during the reboot process). Everything went wrong. I spent a lot of time trying to make another Storemi disk but denied. After several trials, reboot and Bios settings clear my M2 at the same time using Seagate dicwizard repartitioning that 6T disk but failed. When trying to generate another set of Storemi with an existing failed Storemi tiered disk, I just can’t make it simply because the system denied to have a new access for a new Storemi.

So, I detached the sata adapter from the 6T disk and added a NAS 3T disk to the system. It was too early to feel happy when the new tier successfully installed after a while I received a notice from AMD and mentioned that I am a thief and the tired Storemi disk is expired, so much frustrated. I learned that only one set of Storemi disk is allowed. My 6T disk is still in my system after continuous efforts had been put to have got it back to work (as shown below). I am not a thief.

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Journeyman III

Re: Storemi problem

I have to add these two figures last time I didn't attach. The system is strange that still allows me to use this storemi disk but I worried that someday when I need to replace a new disk I can't be able to handle stormi. And after click yes then it just beyond control, i.e, unable to operate anymore#. Just two days ago, when I try to enter AMD's storemi app, it said that license expired with an information about fast and slower tiered disk size. But now, it directly says the license is invalid.  Yet, the storemi drive is still in use (last figure).

The repartitioned failed storemi 6T Disk.png

Problem1.pngStoremi Problem3.png

Storemi 4.pngStoremi 5.png