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Somebody please AMD link with me and play some games remotely

i own thousands of games. I get stuck on some difficult games or bosses or quests and i paid money for the games but cant finish them.

If you want to play a difficult game that i expected something different from or though wasnt my kind of game but still wanna see it finished like elden ring or some other title.. or are free to help me through some quests.. or co-op player 2 play some games together even if you're on a mobile phone with a wireless gamepad or kb/mouse or a android tv.. my PC will have the games and do the graphics. your phone or TV or tablet or whatever monitor/PC must have FREESYNC requires AMD GPU and AMD CPU.. a handful of AMD laptops and phones exist on the market. Others say AMD but arent. you cant use your quantum infinity super computer if it cant freesync and to do that it needs all AMD parts to prorender and other things. even older game titles like playstation 3 ones such as soul calibur or tekken look better than ever ray tracing on my 5700xt and ryzen 5700g or my LG V60.

I'd not really tested the AMD link and it seems maybe it needs local LAN to initial setup via VPN or something.. or it maybe requires you to copy paste a 5 second key? not sure.. its not too tricky free app with adrenaline software you'd get anyway i've thousands of games on steam. we may need to voice chat or screenshare via steam or skype or something first and maybe pick some games. at the moment im stuck on some game events to unlock a new character in honkai impact 3rd which is a free mobile game available via steam or epic store or android. epic has the best graphics and accounts on all 3 stores with same email dont have your progress.. soo.. yeah im stuck on the worst graphics version steam. well it is a playstation 2 game but its still updated and relevant if you progress the campaign enough. its got a 'star wars prequels' thing going on with genshin impact and star rail and tower of fantasy in different thousands of years apart impact eras but with some of the same immortal ladies like raiden. i dont care about levelling the guy characters. could we test the amd link out? i dont know how well my internet will be may need to play in 720p instead of 1080p. lets see how we go.




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