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Journeyman III

Setting Up RAID 1 AMD Ryzen 2700X and Gig Aorus MOBO

I see members have posted this question before.  I ddin't see any real solution so posting it here. 

I have installed Windows 2010 Home on (NVME SSD)  an AMD Aorus MOBO. I have two SATA disk drives (Seagate) that I want to mirror.

I enabled RAID on the motherboard and it sees the controllers (displays two SATA drives). These also show up as RAID drives under windows disk management but for the life of me I couldn't get it to show Mirror volume option. I also tried to create volume in the BIOS program (AMD) version F5. But in that program it shows drives are in use and ARRAY cannot be created. 

I contacted Gigabyte the MOBO manufacturer. Their short one line answer was that RAID must be installed before OS. So, in this scenario am I out of luck?

If Windows sees the drives and also loads the drivers then why doesn't the RAID 1 option appear. 

I have already configured this computer with apps so I figure there are two options, (1) Reinstall windows - thankfully its on a SSD. or (2) find a third party software.

Any suggestions before I reinstall windows and make a mess out of a fully functioning system?

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