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Adept I

Screen Freezing but audio still plays

Hi, my pc randomly(i guess) freezes and I can hear the voices like discord calls, etc in the background but they can't hear me.

I reset my AMD settings a few times but it didn't help also I tried turning off/on Freesync it didn't help either.

gpu rx 5700 xt

cpu ryzen 5 3500x

mobo asus prime b450m-k

rams hyperxfury 3000

ssd nmvm2 kingston 500GB

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Adept I

hello, again I disabled hardware acceleration for all background apps and remove my graphic card from its slot, and dusted it. I no longer have this issue at least for now and if it occurs again I will try other methods. Thank you, everybody

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In what situation PC freezes? 

Try reinstalling Windows (you can save files), and do CLEAN driver install with either DDU or AMD Cleanup Utility run before installation.

it freezes randomly either on games or on the browser I don't think my pc freezing only the screen freezes because I can hear the voices clearly in background.


You could check what Event Viewer says. So after you have a problem, reboot and go to Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> Application and scroll to see if there is an error or warning when latest problem occurred (see timestamp)

Also check System and do the same thing. Maybe it says something usefull, maybe not.

Hm... i had similar issue. 
For chances if you go away from screen window for quite some time, when you return it will freeze for second or two (this part of image freezing IS normal as game reloads assets in VRAM which returns back from power saving mode (and no, sadly this is only power saving mode/feature i have no idea how to disable)) only after second or two of normal FPS (this part is NOT normal, it should load assets as soon as you return, not after second or two)? 
I think you have same issue i had before. I don't know how specifically it got solved but what i have done before issue disappeared was
1) Windows clean boot (you can google this one) -->
2) Windows safe boot (you can google this one either) -->
3) AMD CleanUp Utility (run 2 times, first time you get warning as result, second one will be with green checkmark) --> Install 22.5.1 driver --> Boot into system --> Try run some games with browser video playback (it felt differently already at this point for me, almost no freezes when alt+tabbing quick and MUCH less sound stutters) -->
4) Boot into safe mode again -->
5) AMD CleanUp Utility (x2 again) -->
6) Install 22.10.3 (i installed 22.10.2, and if you still have one you can start from there) -->
7) Boot into system again. 

After i done this issue with frequent system freezes leading to driver crash or game/system lockdown and sound stutter was gone. More than that, despite issues above persisting through MULTIPLE versions of drivers as if they were HW related, they are now permanently gone.
There are still remains of problems, though, such as:
1) random (but at this point VERY RARE) sound stutters when alt-tab at load intensive moment (f*** MPO)
2) Game having frame "freeze" for asset loading (1-2 seconds) when i unfold it after neglecting for a while is normal. But sometimes, now rarely after resolving main problem it still appears as issue (look at 2.1)
       2.1) Sometimes (rarely) VRAM feels wonky and it just doesn't ramp frequency up, making asset loading much longer. Can be resolved by alt-tabbing again or using some system interface like sound increase from keyboard (to make something overlay on top). Basically still same as you described, but it hadn't yet frozen my system completely or reset my driver as issue i had before. 

To be fair at some point i felt like frequency increased, but after installing 22.10.3 i hadn't felt this again? (If you ever feel same reinstall driver?). 

Anyways since i done that and used 22.10.2 and 22.10.3 i had no system lockdowns or driver crashes, yay. So i hope this will help you as well

Thank you very much I'll try it 


Accurate specs (including PSU brand, wattage, age)

Have you monitored temps?

Has it been like this a long time or started suddenly?

Do you have two cables starting from PSU and going to GPU and not so that one cable is connected to PSU and then split into two connectors on GPU?

Have you overclocked or undervolted something?

What software do you have running when this happens?

Adept I

its 2 years old Xigmatek x-power 650w 80 plus 

yes I monitored the temps with AMD's software and the higher degree was 69 Celcius

before this screen-freezing issue, I had a black screen a couple of times but not so often and I was able to hear the voices from the background just like this issue 

-actually, I don't know whether they are the same cables or separated but looks like same and that 2 pin just hanging out there.

i didn't overclock anything f5200930-979b-43e6-9bd7-f5b59e829ce3.jpg


Ok so it would appear your GPU cables are "daisy chained" which is bad. 5700XT is not super high powered GPU so I'm not sure if this causes issues, but you should definitely run two cables from PSU to GPU to assure good power delivery.

The next thing is, from the cables I see and the brand... It is difficult to find reliable benchmarks for every PSU model out there, but this PSU looks cheap. Not all cheap PSU's are terrible, but... I would simply get a better one. If you find PSU benchmarks boring, just get something like Seasonic Focus GX, EVGA SuperNOVA, Superflower Leadex, or something similar. Just because something says "Gold" doesn't make it good, but what I listed here are good quality, yet not super expensive.

Anyway, start by connecting cables differently with your existing PSU!

Also notice that if/when you upgrade your PSU, you absolutely can not use any cable from one PSU with another PSU as wiring is different and you could fry your computer. So when changing PSU, remove  and replace every power cable!

Try double cables and let us now if that fixed the issue!


okay I'll try it thanks


Turn off hardware acceleration for all background apps. AMD still hasn't fixed this bug.


I have them on, no problems.


I don't know how to do that I googled it but couldn't find anything it only shows how to disable GPU hardware acceleration from display settings


Basically you go into settings of web browser, Steam and such, and uncheck the box that mentions hardware acceleration. But like I said, I have it on without issues. I think it causes more issues to 6000-series than 5000-series or then there is something else behind it. I've never had issues with it. One thing is though, many who have issues, seem to use Chrome browser (I think) and I use Edge and Firefox.

I wanna try it because 1 month ago before I disabled my browser's hardware acceleration there was a glitch on videos from Twitter they were blinking when I put my cursor on the video and I solved that by disabling hardware acceleration thats why i wanna try every possible way

Adept I

hello, again I disabled hardware acceleration for all background apps and remove my graphic card from its slot, and dusted it. I no longer have this issue at least for now and if it occurs again I will try other methods. Thank you, everybody

Journeyman III

Hello, i had similar problem and my solution was to disable 10-bit pixel format (if enabled) in adrenalin software --> graphics settings --> Advanced --> 10-bit pixel format.

Also do you have weird menu ghosting when clicking right mouse button?

Adept I

No, but 1 month ago videos on Twitter were blinking nonstop when I put my cursor on them and after I disabled hardware acceleration from browser settings it didn't happen again.


Glad it worked!