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Journeyman III

Screen fading after entering any game

Problem: I have uninterruptible power supply with switch power button and AMD RX 580. When I turns off it at night an on at day I start my PC and open any game. Suddenly screen fade and sometimes appear again, but fade again. Just black screen. Then I restart my PC and problem is solving until next turning off/on my UPS.

Please, help me solve it forever.


P.S. And if I open youtube video full screen fades too

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Volunteer Moderator

Pull the UPS out of the loop and just plug your PC into the wall outlet.  If the problem goes away, it's likely your UPS (battery backup) is failing - perhaps the batteries are failing.  The UPS electronics could also be at fault, so you need to isolate it for further troubleshooting. 

I have never seen this behavior with screen fade and a UPS being used.

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