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Adept I

Samsung Odyssey plus VR with 6800


I posted about this in drivers and software but no help there yet.

i54690k at4.4 , Asrock z87 Pro4 , 32gb ddr3 at 1600 , 750w psu  operating system and MSFS on a WD ssd.

MSFS plays very well on the monitor 1920 1080 but when I try to switch to VR on the Samsung Odyssey the system does a restart.

This happens every time I try to run a VR game MSFS IL2 DCS Xplane and Half Life.

I'm hoping the old psu is the problem and will swap it out soon and see if that is it.

I see a lot of people saying they can't get WMR VR working with 6800 cards.

Is there anyone who is using VR with a samsung odyssey+ and a 6800 card.

I'd like to know that I'm not totally wasting my time trying to sort this out.

Any clues anyone.

Many thanks


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