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Journeyman III

Ryzen 9 3900x problem highest fan coooler

Hi, I have a question regarding the ryzen 9 3900x, Motherboard rog strix x570-e, 64gb ram g. Skill, bios agesa ABBA(before and after), I am using the original cooler prism rgb, every six months having several chrome tabs open or opening some applications the fan accelerates every a minute or less as if he were forcing himself only by opening farmy eyelashes of chrome and in games also usually happens to someone this happens? Any help or comment is welcome. I attach a viedeo. 

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The CPU Fan is controlled according to the CPU Temperatures. If the CPU Temp should spike to a high temperature long enough, then the CPU Fan will automatically increase also and then decrease when the CPU temps lowers.

The CPU fan should never stop entirely. At idle with low CPU Temps it should run fairly slow while under heavy loads and high temps it should run at Maximum RPM Speed.

If the CPU Fan is constantly speeding up and slowing down in a rhythmic way (cycling), then it could be software related.