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Journeyman III

RYZEN 7000 series 7900X compatible with G.Skill DDR5 Ram?

I just bought the above processor in my new build. I bought 64gb of G.Skill DDR6 ram 6400 ram. Shortly after opening a game, my computer shuts down completely, like I tirned it odd. In order to reboot, I have to switch off the power supply then turn it on and restart the computer. I am not sure but I am questioning the compatibility of the ram with the rest of my components. Or possibly the power supply.  Here's a list of the basic parts:

AMD RYZEN 9, 7k series 7900X

64gb G.Skill 6400 DDR 5 ram (4x16gb sticks)


ASUS X670E + WIFI motherboard 

Seasonic X Series 850w power supply


Other than the game issues the computer runs fine otherwise.


Thanks is advance for any advice. JK

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You need to go either to Asus QVL LIST For RAM MEMORY for the 7000 series processors or to G-SKILL RAM MEMORY FINDER to see if the RAM you want is listed as being compatible with your 7000 series processor/Motherboard or not.

Adept I

when we buy memory, we go to the memory support list of the motherboard, there is no GSkill nowhere, in your motherboard, but we see the timings of the memory and the speed of operation and we put the corresponding one. The Ryzen 7900x supports memory max to 5200 GHZ, why you put memory on your motherboard at 6400GHZ, if you want have stability in your system, you will have to change the memory timings in order to have it at max 5200GHZ, which is supported by the processor.I'm sending you a link to support, your motherboard and also the specification of the processor.


Journeyman III

Hello, I am just checking to see if you were able to resolve any issues? I built my own PC within the past year and experienced literally the same issues with some differences in hardware. Here is my current set up. 


AMD Ryzen 9 7900X 

32 GB G.Skill 6400 DDR 5 Ram (2 x 16gb sticks) 

Zotac RTX 4070TI

Asus B650 A MOBO 


Initially i had many issues with the build on first boot up and after hours of trouble shooting found out I had a bad motherboard. At first I have a B650E installed but had to switch due to shortages. After the new motherboard install and updating bios ect. I found that my CPU would continuously crash on me using any small load from gaming. I found this to be an issue until I lowered the Ram speeds down to 2900. This seems extremely low to me considering the advertised speeds. The CPU still performs very well even on games that require lots of RAM speed but I have always been bugged about this and wonder if it is a RAM stick compatibility issue.