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Adept I

RX6600 and RX580 in same pc

Hi all,


Does anyone know if I can use the above 2 cards in the same pc?  The reason I ask my present build I am using 2 x RX580 cards, but I also have a spare new RX580 as once upon a time I thought I had a problem with one of my cards and so bought a replacement, only to find out that there was nothing wrong after all.

I am wanting to build a new rig and want to put the spare RX580 into it along with a RX6600.- the cost of a good used RX580 is ridiculous and I would rather spend £300+ on the RX6600.  I just don't know if I would be able to do this or not re the drivers.

Many thanks,



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Adept I

wow that would be a rig, I only know of users using the same card, but have read that it should work. please let us know if you try.


Both GPUs use the same AMD driver versions so it should work. I guess the only problem you will have is trying to configure both GPU cards in your PC.

Thanks for the replies guys.  That was the thing I was hoping to avoid, having problems after fitting them. Guess I will find out !





Adept I

My concern would be power, heat and pci lanes, then finding a way to make assign a specific GPU to specific apps.

Adept II

Shouldn't be a problem if your motherboard has the PCIe slots and your PSU can handle powering both. You may have to run DDU and reinstall the Adrenalin drivers for Adrenalin to pick it up.

You will know if it is detected as soon as you boot to Windows by checking device manager or GPU-Z to verify functionality of features.


The reason for using identical cards is a speed issue.  Dual GPU's will only run as fast as the slowest.