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Journeyman III

Rx590 always too hot

hi guys

wrinting this with the last hope i have left.

i have this cursed rx590 fatboy thats always running high on temps like 79/80. the rest of the system is never too hot.

i have tried literally every solution on earth and i cant come out of it. i want to sell it if i can but i feel bad selling troubles to someone else..

my specs are an msi b450 m2 pro, a ryzen 5 2600 and a 700W psu that i just bought hoping it would help.

every time i play elden ring it crashes the whole pc and i have to restart it, resetting the wattman settings and any change i could have done in the adrenaline software. plus it gives me the kernel 41 error on the windows log.

i dont know what to do with it anymore but i cant use my pc for nothing more than lol and drawing.

ty for your time to anyone who reeds.

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"i have tried literally every solution on earth and i cant come out of it. "

I need you to be more specific in order to help you.

What´s the last time you gave it maintenance? (changed thermal paste and checked that the fans are actually spinning correctly?)

I would also disable any overclock you might have set.

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some rx590's factory overclocked were unstable and had a bad power/clock ratio like some of the msi brand ones i had.

You also must never ever install some third party app like msi afterburner or overclock manually change anything from the factory defaults unless you know what you were doing. spyware and viruses and not running amd drivers from the amd website for adrenaline and running older directx9 or 11 titles or DOS software or ancient 60's and 70's C++ code tends to cause these issues.

Adjusting the power plan in windows to be the ryzen balanced or ultimate performance helps. Also if possible deleting the power plans all of them its literally called a power scheme.. uninstall ryzen master as hackers seem to screw with boost clocks and base clocks and try overheat it. Also retards put crypto miner virus software on low priority in background of your PC..

try go to bios and secure erase all your ssd and nvme drives then do  a clean reinstall with secure boot TPM 2.0 and memory integrity and all that stuff enabled and make sure pci express powermanagement stuff where it 'power saving low power stuff' isnt on in bios or in windows unless you've a very old laptop or its a mobile phone. 

consider contacting the manufacturer about verifying you have the correct bios if it was a second hand card or been used by crypto miners you may need the original reflashed which i suggest you pay a computer store a few bucks to do it for you if you arent expert in crypto mining custom bios modding. so they can give you store credit to a new one if it breaks.

If you had an unfortunately unstable one of the rx580 or rx590 you maybe decrease the mhz and voltage the tiniest bit like 3-5% and its suddenly heaps better. enabling antilag and chill and running multicore or multithread helps greatly. 
also power down and remove the card and maybe air duster blast it and or clean it with rubbing alcohol or electronic parts cleaner sprays that evapourate like alcohols and leave no reside then consider giving it very very light wipe down with a wd40 or other lubricant protectant for electronics or engines many multipurpose sprays work but some can be very smelly. 

Ensure the heat sink has enough thermal paste and is correctly touching the GPU chip and seated properly sometimes a screw is loose or not in correctly or its poor design from the asus or msi or whoever.. but its often just been sabotaged or people tried to steal it or swap it with a lower model or a fake intel or nvidia device as yours is far more powerful than you'd imagine since ps3 has been differed lighting ray tracing techniques but the softwares been crippled you have to type words to turn them on.

AMD chill is literally made to improve gaming and be smoother gameplay while addressing gpu usage and temps by using lower latency antilag like output and smoothly freesync with a capped FPS at say 60 or 90 or 120fps assuming your card runs at an average of say solid 20-40fps above whatever you cap it to. it then doesnt use gpu over what it needs for 120fps saving power and temps and with the spare frame space it neatly sorts them more accurately and lower latency in a smoother output. its probably best when paired with freesync.

also make sure you arent having like 16 people gaming off your PC and GPU.. the AMD link lets you game at whatever youre set for.. then 4 other players join into your game and play at the same time off your same computer.. when intel and nvidia max out at the one computer the amd systems let 4 people play off the one with the same settings. hackers that like to abuse things like the steam overlay remoteplay game stuff or other exploits might all be partying off your super computer if you've an AMD CPU and GPU and decent ram of any sort.


Go into the BIOS and check the voltage on the GPU.

If it is set higher than recommended, back it down to the recommended voltage and see if that solves your problem.

I used to overclock, CPU, GPU, RAM the whole works.  For the performance you gain "IT SIMPLY IS NOT WORTH IT".


Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"

I did a little research and it appears that 1100 - 1140 is the range for stability.

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"
Journeyman III

As far as I know the Fatboy version of the RX 590 has the worst cooling. (Yeah, even worse than the Armor one.)
It comes with 1580 MHZ on Core Clock, so try dropping it down to something like 1550-1560. Also use %50-60
fan speed to keep a few degrees cooler. This might drop the temps of the card to it's normal state, 78-81c. And yes, the RX 590 has a 225W TDP and even the Nitro+ S.E. model runs 75-76c most of the time, so yeah, RX 590 runs hot itself. Hope this helps.