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Journeyman III

RX580 vram?

I have an xfx rx580 card and ryzen 5 1600 and 16gb of ram, as you can see by the pic that i have plenty of available MB, but COD is telling me i have limit of like 3000ish (see pic). i KNOW this pc has more capability than 3000ish, drivers are up to date as well, any guesses?thank you guys!

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No, that's saying it only uses that much, as in you don't have a VRAM limitation.

No, it clearly is showing that the Vram will cap at 3GB instead of potentially using all 4 GB. It seems obvious to me.

I have been having problems with Rx580 vram usage with Prepar3Dv5 (directx 12 simulator). Everytime the sim says I am out of Vram when I still have 1GB or a bit more free Vram in GPU-Z.

It seems to me that Vram usage in Windows 10 is not optimized for the Rx580. Amd just forgot about this card that still has so many problems.


There's nothing wrong with your card.  That's the game doing that.  See here for a possible workaround.