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Adept I

RX 6900 XT Sales start in 1 Hour, are u exited guys ?

lets see if we can somehow geht one... expectations: 0


I Couldnt get anything from AMD and this is my last hope... what abou you guys ? 

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Adept I

Zero expectations :( ... I think another day of waste to buy a new AMD CPU or GPU. I want complete my new computer.

Adept II

Even wanna manage to get a card. and mby a cpu direct from the amd store. but dont have any hope this gets true today. 

dant get a 5950,5900,6800,6800xt. so dont think i will be fast enough today. And only wanna pay the uvp. dont wanna buy the scraper shop ware. watching on the amd side the hole time. i will be ready :)

Im trying to navigate AMD's site to where the cards will be on sale. do you happen to have a link or?

Would be better to purchase an AIB 6800XT that to accept the MSRP for an RX6900XT, if you can even get one.
There will be practically zero stock anyhow. 
This is a fake paper launch.
AMD should just forget it.

Adept I

well ... i didnt get anything... and thats it for this year... 2020 was a huge letdown! And its somehow sad, that scalpers make such prices, i can understand that... but now even the shops to? Its like there is no decency anymore...

Adept I

I was very lucky to get one. 

Journeyman III

Same :(

Journeyman III

I was able to get a 6900xt even though I wanted the 6800xt. Now I'm still on the hunt for a 5900x.

Gamers Nexus - Don't bother buying the RX6900XT:


JayzTwoCents Review:


Few things. 

He says the drivers are bad and he is only seeing 250 Watt GPU Power reported. 
Maybe he is expecting Total Board Power reported like Nvidia do and not just GPU Power?

Thinks the BIOS and drivers are bad. 

Claims SAM is limited to Ryzen 5000 CPU because AMD are greedy. He claims SAM could be activated on Ryzen 3000 series CPUs on PCIe capable motherboard. 
I think he might be wrong on that one and there may be hardware improvement on Ryzen 5000 series CPU that is actually the reason.  

Pretty scathing about the RX6900XT.

Even Hardware Unboxed do not think the RX6900XT is worth it and they have been quite "pro AMD" in my opinion.



I take Jay's reviews with a grain of salt.  He's said some things in the past that were flat out wrong, so I quit watching him. 

Depending on the games they chose to review, the results can favor either card. After looking at several, it's pretty clear the 6900 XT is best at 1440p and very good at 4k. The 3090 takes the 4k crown but not in every game and not by any amount a gamer would notice (in most cases). 

What is interesting to note is that in games optimized for AMD, they (6800 XT and 6900 XT) pretty much beat every Nvidia card in FPS. And I saw one RT AMD optimized game where the 6900 XT beat the 3090.  So that tells me that game optimizations would vastly improve performance. 

There is an argument to be made regarding the price / performance value vs the 6800 XT and that's a fair criticism considering how well it stacks up against the 6900 XT. It's been the main criticism in general. Still, I just had to have the best AMD offered right now.


I managed to get a 6900XT this morning just after release (still not sure how! lol). My cc was charged and I got a confirmation but its been at "order processing" the entire day. Hoping it doesnt get cancelled but we'll see I guess.

I have to agree that the 6900 XT is kind of in a tough spot.  The extra cost vs the 6800 XT makes it a tough sell.  Now you could argue that it is 33% cheaper than a RTX 3090 for similar gaming performance outside of ray-tracing, and that is true except that the RTX 3090 adds some additional bells and whistles. The RTX 3090 adds some data/creator features like the 24 GB VRAM, tensor cores for AI, as well as much stronger mGPU performance in scientific applications with the extra bandwidth from the NVLink bridge.  As a pure gaming card, there isn't any reason to buy either an RTX 3090 or RX 6900 XT, but the problem is that the 6900 XT is a pure gaming card, the RTX 3090 is not.


But all that assumes MSRP.  If the option is to buy a 6900 XT at MSRP or a 6800 XT for $1200 on eBay, well that is an obvious choice.


Lots of money to blow just to have a few extra FPS at 1080p/2K which wasn't even the target 4K Ultra market.
I think Nvidia may optimize 1080p/2K performance in drivers if they think they need to. 
If they can win at 4K, there should be lots of additional GPU power available at lower resolutions.
Likely just a matter of tweaking the drivers/power settings. 

Maybe RDNA3 will be the winner. 
Good progress from Navi10 but not enough. 


Just because of the way the CUDA cores work on Ampere, I don't think we'll see much optimization for 1080p/2K market.  Ampere seems the most benefit when FP32 instructions heavily exceed the integer workload, which is the case as the resolutions go up.  Essentially it is a hybrid of the Pascal/Turing approaches.  I think NVidia reasoned that even with worse scaling the 1080p/2K frames would be "good enough".  I think that is true for everyone except maybe the high refresh esports crowd. 


I managed to order one too, the status is still in progress, I wonder how long it is going to take before mine is shipped considering there is overwhelming demand...


They actually had some at my local shop this morning.  Both the 6900 XT and the EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra were available.  No 6800 XT or RTX 3080s to be seen.  There was also a large number of Ryzen 7 5800Xs.  Nobody seems to want that particular model. 


Posted in my original thread - update as of today (12/10/20) I just received an email with my shipping confirmation!!