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Journeyman III

Rx 6800 low power and gpsu usage


it looks like my card dropping into some save power mode or something like that. Example: When im playing wither 3 in city ive got poor 60/80 fps and power draw it like 80/120 , while outside the city, card starting work again evrything jumping up to normal but there are spikes and gaming its not smooth . Funny is if i lower details or resolution in city to min or max ive got the nearly same poor fps (performance). Biggest joke coming now. If i reinstall windows and play the game, it works normal then. 140 fps + in city and power use jump to 250/300W cca and no spikes or anything like that evrything running smoothly and fine. But after some time (its been a week) the problem its back again, spikes and poor performance. i cant find solution. Only windows reinstall works to solve that.

my PSU is 850 thor and cpu is 5900x.

Im desperate, it must be some system problem but i cant find it out.....

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