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Journeyman III

rx 6600 xt wrong utilization


I have a rx 6600 xt and im having some troubles with it. The problem is as follow: When I start sea of thieves, sea of thieves insider, titanfall2, sons of the forest or the planet crafter everything works fine at the beginning, but after about 20 min my gpu bugs out, my frames drop to 20, my pwr usage drops with 60w, even my gpu fans stop spinning because its just so cold. I checked task manager and there its only using 30%. After i alt tab out of the game, wait 15 sec and then re alt tab back in game everything works fine, but only for 5 minutes and it only keeps getting worse, i alt tab, wait, works fine for 3 min --> 1 min --> 15 sec--> after that alt tabbing even wont work anymore. I have to restart my pc just to play on normal fps again. 

It al happend 1,5-2 months ago when i installed a new driver update, when i got the "bug" i first put the old driver back, but it didnt work, reinstalled drivers but that didnt work, I did a ddu wipe, also didnt work, then i just gave up. Until now i have watched 30+ tutorials, did 3 ddu wipes and even a whole system reset. Still the problem is here and i just dont know what to do anymore.

Im 95% sure that its not a hardware issue since games like god of war, rdr 2, rocket league, rainbow 6 siege and csgo are working fine


gpu: xfx rx 6600 xt

cpu: i5 10400f

pws: 750w

ram: 16 gb (2x8)

windows 11 ( i also had the problem on windows 10)

motherboard: b460-f


Here is a video of the bug happening: 


If you need anything, information, tests or whatever, please ask and i will reply as soon as possible

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