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Journeyman III

Resolution problem with GPU scaling

Hi everyone! I was trying to change the resolution of my old monitor from 1280X1024 to 1280X720 using GPU scaling. 

However, when GPU scaling is enabled in CCC, my monitor seems to be handled as a 1600X1200 device.

Any setting with an X resolution other than 1600 fails to fill the screen with centered timings. Even the native 1280X1024 resolution produces a display area surrounded by black bars on all four sides; scaling to full panel size (even with the native resolution) results in a blurred mess. 1600X1200 fills the screen, even with centered timings, and produces a clear image.

Technically, I could achieve the desired 16:9 aspect ratio by using 1600X900 (which looks all right, and fills the screen horizontally), but I would rather not render at a resolution higher than necessary. Also, some games that I try to run at 720p refuse to scale to the full, 1600X900 panel for some reason.

I've got a Radeon HD 6450 Graphics card with the latest drivers, and a Fujitsu B19-6 LED 19" 1280x1024, which is currently running with generic non-PnP monitor drivers. The manufacturer's site only has a Win 7 driver. I tried to manually install it on Win 10 anyway, but after choosing the folder with the driver's files, I got the "best driver software is already installed" message. (By the way, what's the point of manual driver installation, if the system still gets to override my decision, telling me what's best?)

So that's where I'm stuck. Is this likely to be a driver issue? I would need some help making GPU scaling work properly with 1280X720, or finding a way of changing the aspect ratio without GPU scaling (monitor's menu has no such option).

Thanks in advance!