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Journeyman III

Relive Mic Suggestion

Make a new section with amd relive, named microphone or something, then people are able to add filters such as: 
Noise Suppression 
Noise Gate



Kinda annoying that it captures my background noise, keyboard and mouse, and also my family pretty good, noise suppression disables that, so background doesn't get picked up, Noise Gate - allows you to set an open and close threshold in dB e.g. my close threshold for my settings on obs is -51 dB and open threshold  is -16 dB, when viewing the video/audio back, no background noise is captured when these 2 filters have been applied. 

Like OBS Microphone Filters: pastedImage_1.png

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Journeyman III

Re: Relive Mic Suggestion

relive does need to improve mics.. but rather than implementing some filters of their own, it might be better for them to just have the ability to use VST plugins.. install the reaper plugins and you have better mic filtering than anything they could provide on their own