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Journeyman III

really need help idk what to do

idk what its actually is but when i play GTA V or Devour or house flipper my pc shut down for no reason. i already reinstalled the games but nothing happend i reinstalled the radeon system and nothing happend pls help

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Re: really need help idk what to do

First thing you need to do is post your computer setup information otherwise it is just guessing at your problem

Normally when a computer shuts down by itself is due to Overheating, Power (PSU Issues), Overclocking, Defective hardware, Driver issues at times, or incompatible hardware.

Download OCCT and run the GPU Test and see if anything is overheating. Also check the PSU Outputs while under stress. The 12v and 5.0v should be with -/+ 5% tolerances.

In fact run the OCCT PSU Test and CPU test to see if your computer crashes or fails the Stress tests.