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Random restarts and failures at the sleeep mode, kernel-power 41(63)

Hello. At the September 2022 I built new PC
Ryzen 5 5600g
Gigabyte B550 Gaming X V2

Patriot iper Steel 3733Mhz  8x2 Gb

MSI RX560 Aero ITX (my old videocard)

Gigabyte P650B 650W Bronze
But from the start of working I met the problem, that after starting (from the full shutdown or sleep mode)  PC could randomly reboot without blue screens but with kernelpower 41(63) error at the Windows event-log. Also, I should say, that 90% (if even not 100%) were at the first 5-10 mins of work, and it wasn't depend from the load - this could happened even when Windows 10 was at the loading screen, when I even not log in to Windows wth my password. This could repeat few times while PC was finding "stable state" Also, when  I played at the heavy enough games with opened browser and some messengers, all was correct before next day and next start of PC
Second problem was the turn-off in sleep mode. PC went to sleep, turned off for a 2-3 seconds, and then started agaiin, fans roared on the full speed, no image on display. More, I can't restart or turn off it by button's on case, only by switching power button on the PSU. All in all, therre happened short circuit of case fans, as I heard from service centre. Also they check my PSU and said, that it is all correct.
Well... When I get my PC back, he again, on the eyes of managers of store, show this probleem. Moreover, when I looked at the event log, I saw, that the same crashes were when PC was at the service centre. I return PC to the service. Now they said, that I had problems with drivers and they setup for me new Windows. Well... When I go to the store to get back, my PC again show me and managers two random restarts with Kernel-power 41(63)
I didn't overclock CPU or GPU, with memory I used only XMP profile, but when I switched this at the Jedec, reboots continued. Also I checked my memory by memtest86 (9 hours, 3,5 passes and no one error)

So... for what should I search, what should I say to the service centre?


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