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Journeyman III

Random Crashes and System Freez with radeon 6700 XT


after several weeks of testing different things why my amd gpu and driver keep crashing my system or ctd, i found out that this

has something to do with my my oc ram setup, if i take default bios settings things are more stable, with oc ram my system keeps freezing and cdt at some random time within games. didnt have this prob with older gpu.

i have some corsair 32gb 3200 xmp, and with xmp the system gets instable. so i just run it on default and things are more stable then. but they are only 2100mhz now as default.

idk if the cpu oc will cause the same instability. 

what can cause this problem with ram? 

i also found out that some problems with the resolution and aspect ratio can cause crashes in game?

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Have you got the sticks on the 2nd and 4th slots counting from CPU? Have you tried loosing the timings a bit?

I've seen that Corsair sometimes can be a little picky with XMP on AMD, I received a lot of feedback from my friends about it.

I had problems too and had to loosen the timings a bit, but so far its stable.

The Englishman

What kind of processor? mb processor does not pull 3200mhz RAM? Old processors can not all work stably with a high frequency of RAM(for the 1st and 2nd generation ryzen, in the 3rd and 4th generation it seems to be better). Try the 3000mhz xmp profile at 3200 but lower the frequency to 3000 v manually in the bios.


it Looks like i found the issue somewhere else, i checked the power cables, one of them was burned at the pin connector to the psu.

i hope it didnt Damage the gpu Card. or worse more damaged Hardware.

i have tryed all diffrent Things like not oc the System reinstall Windows reinstall Drivers. the pc ran for several Hours then suddenly startet to Freeze after a while in oc config. so i guessed its a Hardware compatiliby issue. or an oc issue.

but i think  something wrong with  the psu. because its old  6 to 8 pin connectors. 1000w cooler master m2. i have connected 2 pci exp con. to the Card on a newer Mainboard with the 2 cpu connectors. Maybe the cable was damaged before, but i think it happened while oc the whole System to max the power consumption that Maybe damged it. really weird freezes at random Points with diffrent Settings.

it runs for Hours then suddenly  starts to Freeze the pc.mostly when changing a game, then it works again if im resetting the Default Settings in bios. im on a diffrent pc now waiting to install a newer psu.

the psu was the oldest component, ist dying or damaged. ive tryed all diffrent Things like i said Hardware Settings.

i dont know what all is damaged now throu the psu failure. have to look how it work with the new psu. the other components are all relative new. i can only hope that the gpu didnt take Damage, but it Maybe has because one cable had a burned pin after at the psu not the gpu.

i have an i9900x and a cheap asus prime x299 a II, mb Corsair vengeance 3200mhz 32gb, ram Samsung ssd 1t, win 10




Download Aida 64, and check the voltage under load in the idle 3.3 v 5V and 12V lines. In cheap power supplies or old ones, for example: if there is a drawdown on the 5v line, then the power supply supplies voltage to all lines from 3.3 and 12v, that is (5v has fallen to 4.5 or lower, the power supply to compensate for the drawdown increases the load and at 5v 3.3 v and 12v, as a result, 5v will be exactly 5v + - and at 3.3 and 12 there will be an overstated voltage.)


got the new psu in the system, reinstalled w10 and the newest whql driver for gpu. mainboard settings on default with no oc, now the system doesnt crash anymore, could keep playing anything for 7 days. 2 times crash to desktop and the memory gpu memory frequency bug on asus gpu tweak II but just installed amd drivers now, somehow the gpu feq. is overtuned a bit too without making any settings. like 20-30 mhz in the driver settings, the memory fequency was really high on gpu tweak, like 16k. 

but the system doesnt have hang ups anymore at random points. didnt test with oc settings till now, hope it keeps on working.