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Journeyman III

Radeon PRO W5700 capable of syncing outputs frame accurate over two cards?

We would like to use the RADEON PRO W 5700 to show a 3 D projection with 5 projectors in a fulldome for a 360° projection. For this purpose we want to use 2 W5700 cards - one card each for the right and left image - in one computer system. The projector has inputs for the right and left 3d image. Is it possible to play out the single images framesynced over the 5 Projektors and the two cards with this card?
I know there is a S400 sync card available from AMD. But it seems the W5700 doesn´t support this card. Is this true?

We chose the W 5700 card because it offers 6 outputs so that we don´t need a third card for the media server application control display.
Till now we used 2 QUADRO cards with sync card for this purpose, but we are not really happy with this cards.

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Sir I realize you are new to AMD Forums and not familiar with AMD Forum Rules and Regulations but it is against the Forum's rules to create multiple threads on the same exact issue:

Opening multiple threads tends to cause confusion and Users making similar or same replies in each thread.