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Journeyman III

R5 M330 LOW FPS on all games

Hello, I have a low fps issue on my Valorant and GTA V. I don't know what happen and what is the issue because my fps on Valorant is above 80 or 90 and it's stable, it never drops to 15 or 20. This happen suddenly and I still don't what is the problem I hope someone can help me with this by sending them some logs or anything, I'll do to know the issue if this low fps. My Laptop specification is:

Intel i5 7200U 2.70ghz

12gb DDR4 2400mhz 

AMD R5 M330 2Gb


I even tried to hard reset my windows 10 via flash drive using ISO to be sure that there's no virus on my pc or some errors on my settings or registry. Right now, I only have Valorant and my FPS is still low and this is not my usual fps. My drivers are updated via Dell website using auto detection and also on my settings, the windows updates there and also my GPU is up to date. Please help me.

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