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Journeyman III

R5 5600g game crashes and screen turns black

I'm getting so stressed already, since i bought my new pc, i can't play anything for more than 5 minutes and this machine crashes, my screen turns black, before this some games would magically crash and say ''unga bunga aplication could not access  graphics card or whatever'' 

i have installed updates, downloaded older drivers, new drivers, windows updates, EVERTHING is new, out the box, everthing shines i worked 3 months nonstop to buy this and it can't do anything

I have 8gb ddr4, 500w psu, kingston ssd

sorry for the way i'm writing but i cannot be calm rn i have tried everything and nothing works

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Volunteer Moderator

Hey, I understand your frustration, could you provide more detail about your system and your issue, follow this guide Information Required When Posting a Discussion - AMD Community

Please help me, I can't play any games with my 5600g it's always crash and turn my screen in black with "error video". I tried everything ( my 5600g is new ), and everytime this is the same thing. Also when I play minecraft or a pixel game, it's crash and say "error video".

my config :

- 16 gb 3600 Mhz

- gigabyte b550m DS3H AM4

- Ryzen 5600G 

- 5 Fans on my pc 



* Please share BIOS version, may be update required. 

* Monitor temperature if observe spike during black screen.

* Do check system logs if there is something related to device or driver.

* How your FAN's are connected, is that via split cable from MB or directly connected from PSU. From what know your MB got 3 FAN headers.



BIOS on your motherboard up to date?
Are you running the latest AM4 Chipset drivers from]
What make/model 500wtt power supply are you running?
How are your CPU temps?
What speed is your memory actually running at? (Task manager>Performance>Memory)
What model Kingston SSD?
Is your Windows install up to date?
What make/model PC case are you using?
Have you checked your systems Event Viewer to see what, if any, errors are being logged when you get your black screens..?

ThreeDee PC specs

I'm having the same problem!
so far it only happens in games, the screen is black (it kind of disconnects the screen, keyboard, mouse and head set), but the computer is still on, to be able to turn it off I have to press the power supply key because the power button nor the reset responds .
my configuration:

aorus b550m motherboard

ryzen 5 5600g

ram 2x8 netac at 3600mhz

goldnfir ssd

corsair 550w power supply

cabinet is new

help me!!!!


What is your bios on the motherboard. 

What version of AMD Adrenalin do you have?


the bios version is f15c

and the adrenaline version is 22.5.1

I lowered the gfx frequency to 1650mhz, so far no more black screen problem.

Adept I

I've uninstalled and reinstalled, but if that doesn't work, run ddu again. BIOS updated to the latest version, comparable to 5600 g, RAM 3000 MHz, idle averages 28-30 without acrylic glass, 42-47 while gaming. The opening league with acrylic plates on the tempo jumps to 50° and when played it will be around 44-57.