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Queue It is an absolute jerk

AMD, havent you got a better solution that Queue It for real?

Spent 1h waiting to see stock, the only thing is see it a dude walking until reaching 6% of the queue, then stock disappeared.

Your shop is fully botted, lot of instance are launched with over millions of proxies, what were you thinking when you pushed Queue It?

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Adept II

I have been waiting for more than 5 hours today for the queue line to start. I was from the first who where in line before the event start and even though it says waiting time more than an hour for my turn and as always all cards finished and the line closed within an hour. 


As long as multiple purchases allowed and not limiting it to one valid address for now it's a useless queue for us real human games or users. 


AMD we know that you can do it and we trust you.


AMD should cancel multiple orders from guys running bots (same name, same name tied to multiple credit cards, same shipping address, same billing address, etc)

I find it real strange that hi tech companies are not able to weed out the bots.

The queue is fine with me.  It is not ok that when you get through the captcha system doesn't work.  I completed the captcha over 80 times and each time got a green check mark only to be told that I must complete the challenge before adding the card to the cart.  I am not the only one that had that problem today.  I have been logging on for months and finally got through today.  Only to be denied by a captcha system that doesn't work.

Queue is not fine since bots can easily get several times more tickets and cheat the legitimate customers who are left without any luck to buy a GPU since 10 months.

Queue IDs shouldn't be free to get, they should be tied to an ID card or a fee so scalpers and bots will be discouraged to spam the queue system.

AMD could get some lessons from Nvidia on that point, as LDLC the authorized reseller for Founder Edition GPU in France, Belgium and Spain, has a strict policy of checking every order with billing and shipping adress, credit cards and even IPs.