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Journeyman III

Potential problem fix for RX 5700 XT

RX 5700 XT - 95% of the black screens, PC resets of the standing picture and running sound, as it turned out it was NOT AMD drivers fault for these gpu !!! After many months (3) testing I found the cause of these problems, and solved them at home and with some friends It turned out that the problem lies in the power management for processors (AMD) about (Intel) I don't know, but it's possible. Now the only question is whether the AMD chipset drivers are faulty or the problem lies with Windows itself. I bet on Windows !!! After changing the profile to any other than "high performance" I have problems that everyone on the Internet describes, when I turn on this particular profile (high performance) everything works beautifully and stable, but my R7 3700 X doesn't boost and works max on 33xx mhz, but with its performance is not a problem at the moment:) win High performance - stable. AMD Ryzen high performance - problems. AMD Ryzen balanced - less problems but still. From my observation, it is a problem of Windows 10 64 bit, not AMD chipset drivers, because I had problems with previous ones too... I assume in advance that many of you will help:) Set yourself in the power options "high performance" and you have to wait until the Microsoft fixes it:)

I use this power managment with , in bios setup options AMD Coold&Quiet.

1 !!! - guys who have PROBLEM with Game "Detroit: Become Human" Crashes (AMD gpu's) Just go to Driver Setting GENERAL, and OFF "In-game overlay" (pl, nakładka w grze) done crah problem solved;)
2 !!! - For some users switch (AMD cpu's) Power Profile NOT use AMD Ryzen profile's, just use Windows High Performance:) <<< I use this power profile with, in bios AMD Coold&Quiet.

There is a good chance that the AMD Coold&Quiet bios option somehow interferes with power profile settings, except for the "high performance" <<< standard from win 10...

For me use high performance now solved ALL problems

One more thing is that after a malfunction, any controller can be damaged, and work still but less stable... The best thing to do is to reinstall the driver after a failure...
The Vulcan and DX11 libraries are the same.
LINK to Vulkan -

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