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Adept I

Posted a question and got marked as spam. Why?

Posted this:
It got marked as spam. I contacted the mods/admins as directed (through the 'abuse report' link), but it is still flagged as spam.

What can I do?

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Adept II

Same for me, i was asking for acknowledgement from AMD that they are aware of vr stutter and utterly crap performance on 6800xt and 5900x.


I asked for this because nvidia reps have acknowledged this on their forums and even said that they found a fix that will be deployed as a two part hotfix. 


Was instantly spam marked, reporting this issue made no difference. 


Tbh I dont think there are mods going through those report Caus soon ill hit the 48 hour mark and still no respons


The Moderators are aware of all posts here at AMD Forum that I am aware of.

I know that the Moderators do see the replies that are marked as "inappropriate content" because when I mark replies or threads that I believe are inappropriate, those replies or threads are gone within 24 hours which indicates a Moderator agreed with my assessment.

One time I did mark a reply as Inappropriate and the Moderators didn't remove it. Later on the Moderator mentioned in a PM to me that he didn't delete the reply for certain reasons.

Most likely it is a bug on the new format for AMD Forums and the Moderators are probably looking into it. Other Users, as an example, have had either their Threads or Replies disappear without notice. This probably considered to be a bug also in the new format.

Best is to just PM (Private Message) to one or both of the Moderators and see if they reply or not.


What do you mean "" I dont think there are mods going through those report Caus soon ill hit the 48 hour mark and still no respons ""?

Mods do not respond to questions....users do. If you didn't get a response that means nobody has any input or help.

A post will be marked as spam if there is a link to non-related sites.

This is a user to user forum.


Nothing wrong with/about your post...must be a glitch. I reported it too.



@itforsoftware wrote:

Because you using duplicate content so it's going for spam.

If you are referring to the duplicate post, I just posted that yesterday after seeing no reaction from the mods. It's weird that that one didn't get marked as spam.


That would be my guess too
Journeyman III

Same here, I was trying to get help and it is considered spam .. this is not OK ... most people in these forums have real issues and are frustrated already because they have issues. This just makes it worse and make me angry

I've moved it out of spam and it should now be visible on the forum.


Thanks. I created several account just because I verified the reCAPTCHA then I type my message.

Later on when I press POST the reCAPTCHA expire and then later it said 2 posts in 60 seconds. Then I keep trying and then later it saids 6 posts in 21600 second. But I never make a successful post. Also the reason for keep pressing reply is because of the extremely short reCAPTCHA timeout. And this is really annoying.