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Post Your Cinebench R20 Scores Here

So, Cinebench R20 has been released through the Microsoft and Apple stores Cinebench R20 Released - ONLY through Microsoft & Apple stores‌ so let's get to posting a good set of scores. They (Maxon) said it takes 8x the power of Cinebench R15, so you can't compare scores backwards. Be warned, the single core test takes a -long- time. Also include your RAM speed as well.

Intel folks don't be afraid to chime in.

Results so far:

Windows 10 BuildCPUSpeedCores/ThreadsRAM SpeedCPU ScoreSingle Core ScoreMP Ratio
PCWorldXeon W3175X3.1ghz28/56-1303541831.18
PCWorldThreadripper 2990WX3.0ghz32/64-1181242527.79
17763Threadripper 2950X3.5ghz16/32DDR4-3200777644617.45
17763Threadripper 1950X4.1ghz16/32-777541618.7
17763Ryzen 2700X4.3ghz8/16-4422--
17763Ryzen 7 2700X4.1ghz8/16DDR4-320042094269.89
17763Ryzen 7 2700X3.7ghz8/16-40554379.29
16299Ryzen 7 1800X3.98ghz8/16DDR4-320037924019.46
17763Ryzen 7 1700X3.4ghz8/16-34693619.61
17763Ryzen 7 27003.2ghz8/16-34484118.39
17763Ryzen 5 2600X3.6ghz6/12DDR4-320030134097.37
17763Ryzen 5 2600X3.6ghz6/12-2985--
17763Ryzen 5 16003.2ghz6/12DDR4-266625703547.26
17763Ryzen 5 2500U (Mobile)2ghz4/8-10842853.81

Build 16299 - Windows 10 1709

Build 17763 - Windows 10 1809

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full score R20 - 1.jpg

3900x, Gigabyte x470 Aorus gaming Wi-Fi 7, 32GB (4 x 8GB) Corsair dominator platinum cl16 ram (stock settings)

Journeyman III

Hi, R5 3600 user here. 


CPU: R5 3600

GPU: GTX 1080ti Seahawk X

MB: Asus Crosshair 6 Extreme

RAM: 32Gb 2x16Gb Crucial Ballistix Sport 3200Mhz CL16

Cooler: ML240r AIO Cooler Master

SSD: 1Tb nvme 660p

HHD: 10Tb Red WD

Case: Corsair 275R

PSU: EVGA 750W Supernova



I manage 3600Mhz on the ram using RAM Calculator, so my FCLK and my Memory clock are at 1800Mhz and used Ryzen Master for overclocking the CPU, Why it is important the BIOS and Chipset versions? Because with the newest Chipset 1.11 no matter what frequency I manage the CBR20 scores only reach 4400-4500, a kind user on reddit advice me to downgrade my chipset version and that unleash the beast. In other forums are user reporting scores of ~3800-3900CBR20 with 4.25Ghz but no one provides details. 

R53600 4.35Ghz ~3780CBR20 VCore 1.325v


R53600 4.2Ghz ~3660CBR20 VCore 1.3v


R53600 4.3Ghz ~3750CBR20 VCore 1.3v


The timings were set on the BIOS. Provided by RAM Calculator. 


Adept I

Just an update with further fine tuned timings:

Screenshot (373).png

Journeyman III

My FX-8320 3.83GHz @ 1.236V

DDR3-1600 cas 9 @ 1.65V

CPU            1276

CPU (SC)    192

MP Ratio      6.65 x



Journeyman III


Three scores were 2719, 2745 and 2695
My rig:
RYZEN 5 2600X
GSKILLS 32GB of F4-3000C16D-16GTZR running @2800 (fails to boot at 3000 because I am using 2 x 16GB kits)

Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro

GeForce RTX 2080  (8 ГБ)

Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Gray 4x16GB DDR4-3200


Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen 9 3950x

Asrock X570 Aqua

G.Skill Trent Z Royal CL14 3800 OC

Here is some history from stock 3.5Ghz - 4.46Ghz . Please note that each OC speed result may have been variants in RAM speed and timing. The latest RAM timings is at 4.46 Ghz 


Journeyman III

Ryzen 1600  @3.7Ghz 1.3875v  mem Samsung DDR4-2666@3133MHz CL16-18-18 1.31v


Journeyman III

Ryzen 3600 Pbo auto no manual OCryzen 3600 auto cinebench.png

Journeyman III

Screenshot (3).pngnew 3800x cpu looks like its doing ok! All stock i dont oc. 16gb 3200 ram, msi x370 gaming pro carbon

Adept I

I'm not sure what's going on here

6 cores @4.4G

SMT off Memory 3600mhz TridentZ BDie 2x8gb


Adept I

cinebench r20 score.jpg

Ryzen 2600 OC 4ghz @ 1.32v -  Gskill 2666 OC 3000 

Is this pretty decent?

its oc for 4GHz
my Ryzen 5 2600X with Stock does 3130ish

PC: R7 2700X @PBO + RX 580 4G (1500MHz/2000MHz CL16) + 32G DDR4-3200CL14 + 144hz 1ms FS P + 75hz 1ms FS
Laptop: R5 2500U @30W + RX 560X (1400MHz/1500MHz) + 16G DDR4-2400CL16 + 120Hz 3ms FS

what ram and bios tweaks are u using?
re-run, no changes. now getting 3050

RAM is 3466CL16 with tight sub-timings - CL14 only runs when setting it after a warm-boot

PC: R7 2700X @PBO + RX 580 4G (1500MHz/2000MHz CL16) + 32G DDR4-3200CL14 + 144hz 1ms FS P + 75hz 1ms FS
Laptop: R5 2500U @30W + RX 560X (1400MHz/1500MHz) + 16G DDR4-2400CL16 + 120Hz 3ms FS

it is decent. i got 3202 @4.1GHz. However, I think you can try to lower your voltage. 4.0 i can run at 1.15V, 4.1 @1.25V, 4.2 @1.325.

this is my score running 4x8GB


I cant bench @ 4ghz below 1.32.. gets 3/4 and resets. 
unless im doing something wrong. i only changed the cpu volt. any other tweaks i should try ?

RAM tweaking is an effective but also challenging method, you should back up your system first, because faulty memory can quickly kill Windows. Try DRAM Calculator for Ryzen. 3200 or 3400MHz is enough for zen+, i think timings has more effect on performance. to stabilize your RAM, try using Termination Block (Ohm) values: procODT and RTT, turn Gear Down Mode and Power Down Mode off. make sure you memtest86 your RAM for at least 4 runs (6 hours I think), so that you will not encounter BSOD.

Try disable C states and Cool n Quiet when benchmark.

In order to get higher benchmark score, if you are using MSI motherboard, you can tinker the settings in Advanced CPU Configuration-> Precision Boost Overdride and SoC current Optimization, set the value to 999 and 254. This will allow much higher current through your CPU, which is dangerous because Current kills your parts, not Voltage.

Finally, it may be your cooler. Personally, I do not want to see above 75C CPU during benchmark and 80C during stress test.

thanks for your reply, I am currently using gskill 2666 OC to 3k , im using an aftermarket cooler (hyperH411R) that vents out next to psu, with positive pressure in my case, my case is a corsair c70 with 2 intake fans and 1 exhaust fan on the top with fresh arctic silver 5, @ 4ghz idle is around 35-37*c - I dont like my CPU above 72c, with 100% fan during bench it peaks at around 69c... so further more, when dialing in a specific overclock its best to disable turbo? I mean whats it going to turbo to.. nothing? lol.  thanks for your info on the ADVANCED CPU CONFIG i may fiddle with this a bit, i just updated my bios to v50a . i have a ax370 k7 gigabyte... dual bios is annoying sometimes when oc's fail and it switches bios on you =(  

next upgrade will be to switch out this ram and go with highest freq avail. 
currently what is the max ram freq for 5th gen ryzen after bios updates etc.?


there are only 3 gen atm: zen, zen+ and zen 2. generally speaking, i think with zen+, 3200 is the sweet spot, and it is 3600 for zen 2

Journeyman III

My Ryzen 7 3800x stock results.

16GB DDR4 3200mhz Corsair Vengeance RAM running at 3200mhz.

Cinebench R20 Results.png

Journeyman III

my AMD rig

Ryzen 7 1700 3.8 GHz

mb ASUS Crosshair VI Hero

RAM- 32GB HyperX  2x16 gb at 3200 mhz

MSI GTX 660 

R15 score - 1673 cb

Open GL - 103.50


Adept II

r5 1600AF 12nm refresh r20 score at 41.5 didnt reboot after lowering clock speeds in msi command center,pastedImage_1.png

Adept II

just showing clock speeds for the ram to show 2400mhz teamgruop ram clockked at 3200mhz...near 1 year stable on those timings even on my old 2400g.....pastedImage_1.png

Journeyman III

2600x 4.3Ghz stock coolerpastedImage_1.png

3800x stock cores.  IF 1900 3800 CL15 RAM


Journeyman III

My best run so far.  Can't quiet hit 4.6Ghz on R20.  Get a pop up message about an application error.

Ryzen 5 3600 @ 4.575 Ghz @ 1.35v. 

MSI B450I Gaming AC MITX motherboard. 

16 Gb 3200Mhz DDR4 Corsair Vengence LPX

CPu fan: noctua nh-u12a

All BIOS settings stock except for frequency and voltage (4575 @ 1.35v)

Ram timings stock with A-XMP enabled.

Max CPU temps <80C

3600 @4.575.png

holy hell. did you win the silicon lottery? i can get 4ghz if i leave ram default it wont post. if i OC ram and cpu it will if i OC just ram and not cpu it wont post either. best i can get is 4ghz (currently only using 2666mhz ripjaws .. may be a prob) 

are you watercooled?


My results were with air cooling using a noctua nh-u12a. My case is a Fractal Design Nano s which has a 140mm intake fan and a 120mm exhaust fan. 

The only settings I have change in the bios to overclock are in the AMD Overclocking section.  I chose manual overclock and changed CPU frequency to 4.55ghz and CPU voltage to 1.35v.  To get to this point I was setting the frequency in 100mhz steps until I crept up on 4.5ghz. I set the CPU, case and gpu fans to 100% when running R20. GPU is a GeForce® GTX 1660 SUPER™ GAMING OC 6G.  I currently have my 3600 set at 4.25ghz at 1.3v as a daily driver with idle temp around 37 degrees. Even when using a Cryorig M9 Plus I was still able to hit 4.4ghz without becoming too unstable.

Journeyman III

Hope I did this correctly, was a new build. Ran all tests:

Adept III

Stock clock and fan.Screenshot (27).png

Adept III

My other machine 3500Screenshot (207).png

Journeyman III

2700x, Asus Strix B450, 3200mhz RAM 16gb, Windows 10 latest build , Noctua NH-D15


Ryzen 7 3700X @ 4.3ghz 1.2000v

4x8GB G.Skill Flare DDR4-3200 14-14-14-34

Windows 10 1909 March 2020 CU

Journeyman III

cinebench score.PNGtask manager photo.PNG

Running Ryzen 9 3900X @ 4.25 GHZ with Ryzen Master and bios OC

GSKILL RipJaws 32GB @3600 MHZ

Gets to 75 C  at max load but idles at 39C with liquid cooler

very similar results to my setup, 3900x , OC 32GB 3733 corsair dominator, max of 79 but idles as low as 35


3900x, 32GB corsair dominator 3733, water cooled 79C max 37 desktop min

Adept I

2600X with the wraith max cooler.  16Gb of ram 2x8. Fans are adjusted but other than that everything is set to auto.  RAM is tuned but not as high and tight as it used to be.   With the latest bios update for my motherboard 3200MHz on the ram is unstable no matter what for me so I'm stuck at 2966 cl14 and I tuned only a little bit from there.  Be sure to turn off spread spectrum in the bios if your mobo has it too.  Before the bios updates the ram was at 3200 cl16 and the scores were about 3060-3075... Still think Its running fine though.  MSI B450-A Pro is the mobo.  RAM is a 3600 cl20 kit. Ripjaws V or something like that. 

updated cinebench scores (2).png


auto everything is always a bit tricky. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 2966 cl14 is BETTER than 3200 cl16. it is equal to 3200 cl 15 or 3600 cl17, and they are all good. considering your stick is 3600 cl20. this was mine 2600 (@4100) together with 3200 cl16 (running at 3400 cl14) has 3200 points


From my experience testing and tuning on Ryzen I think a lot has to do with how the motherboard handles things.  After the updates for the 3000 chips on my mobo the auto settings decided to max out PBO.  Last night I found where they moved the settings in bios and set them to the stock 2700X values. I also tuned the ram a bit tighter since my last post but with almost no change in scores.  Auto is what my mobo seems to like.  I can do a manual OC but then the voltage seems to stay at whatever I set it to and it wont clock down at idle.  It would be nice to just set like 1.2v-1.3v and find the max frequency that is stable for it and say done. 

evenmoretuning3 (2).png