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Journeyman III

PLEASE HELP! RX 5700 XT with RYZEN 5 3600 Low GPU usage in Every Game

this is an odd one because when i benchmark in 3DMark or Heaven its all good GPU usage is 99-98 but when i enter a game it never goes up to 90s it always stay around 50-80

its causing alot of fps loss and radeon graps are unstable and all over the place please help i am thinking about RMA ing it

( What i have tried )

DDU - i have used this several times now

Tried 20.4.2 - 20.8.3 - 20.11.2 - 20.12.1 and even the newest Pro Driver !

Re installing the Windows 10

Nearly everything i saw online

Tried diffrent power plans

No i don't have any FPS Limiters on 

AMD please help! this is driving me crazy  RMA process can take months and i dont even know if my GPU is faulty or some other hardware and i  very much need this computer i am studying, is there anything i can do to solve this problem?

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Adept I

@Sabyseo ever figure anything out?