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Journeyman III

[Please Help] Black Screen Problem A8-9600

I have new Pc

AMD A8-9600 IGpu R7

Motherboard : Asrock A320M hdv r.04

PSU : Enlight 400watt

GPU: none

Ram dual 4x2 


2 weeks ago,  I bought a new PC.  I am not gamer so I think I don't need GPU eksternal.  My PC daily use is just to open Adobe Illustrator.  But,  I don't know why my monitor sometimes turn to off / sleep while my PC is still running. I use default setting bios and standard setting AMD Graphic. I have to press restart button to turn up my PC again. 


What is the problem? 

What should I do to repair my pc? 

Thank for helping me.  Ari.