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Adept I

Playing Warzone Micro stutter

I have a 3700x    6700xt    32 ram. windows 11. I mean no other game I play has a micro stutter like warzone. Only game that doesn't run smooth??  what is the deal? 

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Adept I

I don't really know what to do anymore, I feel myself hopeless..

First of all, 1 month ago when caldera was released I experienced some microsutters (also in verdansk sometimes but not that many). I checked some youtube videos, people said that i've to check warzone adv_options and set renderercount to 12 and put videomemoryscale to 0.45 (because of the high amount of vram 16G amd 6900 xt). But unfortunately this did not give the desired result..

I tried several amd drivers, reinstalled my OS and Warzone installation, without any success.. I bought an 3080 ti from nvidia and the result was good, no microsutters anymore, but my prefer is amd so i sold that card because it can be that my graphics card is defect?? So i ordered msi gaming trio z 6900 xt. After installing this card I immediately check in warzone if the microstutters are gone, and nope they still exist which mean amd really has something to fix

In caldera and rebirth my fps goes from 240 to 120-100 fps, it drop that much what result in stutters. I tried to set my render in options to 4k (200% instead of 100% 1080p) and i've to say the micro stutters have become much less, but they are still there.

Like i said, 3080 ti it works perfect so for me it seems an amd issue, i see alot of users which experiences the same (see reddit or amd forum).

I still want to be sure to ask if you know a solution or do we keep this until amd offers a solution?

My setup:

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
MSI TRIO Z 6900 XT (and 6900 XT from AMD drop)
Windows 10

Yeah i used to have Nvidia. was smooth as silk,  this new pc i got now  Junk on warzone


i have same problem microstutter 


Ryzen 3600X

16GO ram

Win 11 


WOW lucky for you. yours isn't as bad as mine.