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Adept I

PC shuts off at the most random times, any ideas as to why?

Hi, me again, previously I had my RX 5700 XT black screen crash like 3-5 times a day, but with the help of @RPX100 we managed to fix it on this post and ever since I haven't had any crashes.

However, now my PC has started to randomly shut off as if it's a faulty PSU or RAM, but the thing is I've tested each component and the PC ran flawlessly for a minimum of 1 hour per component.


Key Notes:

-I've recently moved houses, don't know if that could mean anything, but perhaps my power outlet could be messed up or something?

-Each time after the PC shuts down and I test each component again the PC runs normally for a couple weeks and then begins the shut off series again. I've tested the components 4 times already, meaning the series happened 4 times so far and it's honestly getting quite frustrating.

-I don't have any overheating issues as I ran multiple temp programs (HWMonitor, AMD Software built-in temp tracker, MSI Afterburner) and have been tracking temps just as the PC shuts off. The only high temps I've caught is on my mobo (through HWMonitor) and it's under the name of "AUXTIN0","AUXTIN3" and "TMPIN4". I've looked on the web about it and most of the stuff I found was simply saying it's normal temps, maybe a bit high, but generally those "components" can reach up to 120°C and can still run fine.

-I've reseated my RAM sticks about 12 times so far, taken my GPU out like 3 times to look into it and haven't found any issues. Recently I did a deep clean of my PC, reseating each component again, but it still keeps on shutting off.

-I haven't tested PSU properly, but I'm assuming it's not the PSU as I've ran my PC without any RAM sticks and another time without my GPU connected and each time it ran 1hr+. I'm saying so because if it was a PSU issue, it would probably still shut off randomly regardless of what other component I change/remove.

-This PC is used by 2 people, me and my brother, he usually uses it past 20:00 CET and uses it mostly for work and to surf the internet. I use it the whole day for gaming and some school-related work. However I've noticed that he has NEVER had it shut off for him and when I had my previous black screen problem, it never happend to him either, which I find quite strange. Because sometimes the PC has shut off on me even whilst not gaming and generally me and my brother don't use the PC much differently, all the same components (duh) except he uses a different headset. I just don't understand why does it never crash for him? Maybe the PC doesn't like me lol? But seriously my only guess is that there's something to do with my headset, as he plugs his in via USB at the front panel and I plug mine in from the MOBO via plug-in because I don't like the drivers that come with the USB version of my headset.


PC Specs:


GPU: XFX RX 5700XT Thicc III Ultra

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x

PSU:  Thermaltake 750W 80+ Gold 

RAM: Crucial Ballistix 32GB 3600 MHz

OS: Windows 10 PRO

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