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Journeyman III

PC restarting with very specific logs on event viewer.

I've been trying to fix this issue since I built this PC, it has been nearly over a month now. Please feel free to ask for any info that I'm missing here. Any type of help would be appreciated. Thank you. Here's my spec: CPU: Ryzen 5 5600 MoBo: aorus b550m elite RAM: 16 GB corsair 3200Mhz (XMP enabled) GPU: GTX 760 PSU: Thermaltake SMART BM2 550WScreenshot_20230121_073125.pngScreenshot_20230121_073135.png

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You haven't explained what you have tried.  So here are a few causes that triggers this error and also some fixes if you have not tried them.

WHEA error.pngWHEA error 2.png

Ryzen 5 5600/ MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus/ Radeon RX480/ GSKIL 16GB 3200/ Sound Blaster Audigy 5/ XPG GAMIX S70/ WD 10EADX 2TB/ Samsung C27R500 

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