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Adept I



Threadripper 1920x CPU
x399 strix MOBO
strix vega64 GPU
64Gb gskill 3600 c16 (2x 16gb neo, 4x 8gb)
Corsair HX1200 PSU
EKWB CPU cooled with 2x 280se rads, Pump/res D5

CPU vcore 1.225 undervolted
CPU runs 4.0ghz all core
ram runs stable @ 2800 16-18-18-18-36 1.35v T1

this PC was never overheated.
CPU while running P95 is 65c max
GPU while running R20 or R23 is 70-75c max

Problem happens while gaming only. its like someone hit the reset power button. PC reboots and back to windows. 
i reinstalled windows over a dozen times now and still does it. been trying to figure this out now for weeks.
did memtest passed 2x, tried 1 ram stick at a time with all 6 sticks no issues. tried different GPUs same problem.
checked my PSU with a PSU checker no issues. all voltages are perfect.
originally thought my google account was corrupted and was messing with my PC but it was not. same problem still happens.

I even setup a basic windows 10 x64 Pro with no extras.
did not sign into google account.
only drivers and basic programs needed to run PC.
(afterburner, AI suite 3, CCC 21.12.1 )
worked for a few hours and back to resetting while gaming.

Im pretty good with PCs been working and fixing them for 25yrs now so I usually dont get stumped but I am now.
any help would be greatly appreciated.
this exact setup ran for over a year with no problems till Dec 2021

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