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Adept I

Annoyed With Microsoft

I along with many others have a right to be upset with microsoft windows 11 upgrades not compatible,  In good faith i brought my Laptop with Rizen 7_2700U with the best specs i could find at the time 2 years ago,  and i expected this purchase to last me a long time,  Now i find its been outdated by Microsoft saying its not fit for windows 11, i did not buy a cheap throw it away laptop , often seen advertised, No i spent a lot of hard earned savings on the best. NO One said to me 2 years ago , this was being planned by microsoft.  so no wonder a lot of people are very annoyed. 

6 out of 7 ain`t good enough.6 out of 7 ain`t good enough.

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Your Laptop works perfectly fine with Windows 10,And it will work perfectly fine with Windows 10 for years to come.

I'll bet It was never advertised to work with Windows 11.So what's the problem?


My problem is that my laptop is being put on the scrapheap by now microsoft and more so when they stop updates for windows 10, I dont want windows 11 , but would have it to keep my laptop updated and safe,  but microsoft  in their  wisdom just say have a look at all these nice new ones you can buy instead. 

Just imagine this in another situation , lets say you go buy a nice new car,  and you have had it 2 years , and one morning  you go out in the morning and the battery if flat ,  so you enquire about a new one ,  and are told sorry we dont make them any more , just buy a new car ,  but if you put in on charge at night  it will keep working for a few more years .. but its best to buy a new one now.