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Journeyman III

PC freezing randomly

Hey all, I just built a PC a few weeks ago (I think April 13th is the day I finished it) and I've been having issues with it freezing randomly. As far as I can recall, it's never frozen in-game, it's always been when I'm not even active on the PC for example, I'll watch a youtube video, pause it, go away for 5 minutes, come back and it's frozen. When it freezes, sometimes I'm able to move my mouse and highlight things such as the close button on tabs but I can't actually click on anything or get the task manager to run. The only way I can get the PC to do anything is to do a hard reset of the system. Initially, my friends thought it might be wallpaper engine but I uninstalled that and I've still had the issue. All my utilization is very low (like less than 5%) when this happens and temps are normal. 

PC Specs are:

Radeon RX-5700 GPU

Ryzen 5 5600x 6 core CPU

Gigabyte Aorus x570 Elite w/wifi

Corsair Vengeance 16GB Ram

EVGA Supernova 650w PSU

and I'm running a dual monitor setup

Any help is greatly appreciated! I don't know much about PC's so I'm not even sure where to begin for diagnosing this issue.

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Adept II

Do you have multiple storage devices like say  HDDs &  SSDs?

Check storage device health by using suitable apps like crystaldiskinfo or any vendor provided tool. If you are on Windows, check if anything is recorded in the event viewer.

Run with very minimal components. Just one RAM, one storage, one monitor and see if the issue repeats.


I have a 1TB ssd and a 500GB m.2. It seems like there are some things in the event viewer but I don't know what any of it means or how it correlates to the issue. I have system files on my m.2 and important school work on my SSD so I don't want to remove one if I don't have to lol. What should I be looking for in event viewer?


Assuming it's Windows - in the event viewer, under Application & System logs scroll thru and see if you find any errors indicating Disk I/O.

About running system with minimal components, it's just a sort of textbook approach when there are some hardware issues like PC not booting, freezing and so on. Just to see if one can isolate the problematic part.

It also could be some problematic driver as well.

If you have any restore points created (Assuming it's Windows) If so try restoring your system to an earlier date and see if that makes any difference.


I went through event viewer and the only things I found under applications and services logs were Microsoft office alerts and windows power shell. I scrolled through both and didn't see anything about Disk I/O. It's also been a few days without a freeze whereas before it happened daily, sometimes more than once in a day. In event viewer, I do have some events under the critical tab that all say "Kernal Power" with event ID 41 and task category 63. I'm not sure if that has any significance or not. All these events were also 3+ days ago, about when I was having issues.

EDIT: It looks like the kernal power event is due to improper shutdown. Probably when I hard reset my PC after freezing so that doesn't have any significance I don't think.


It's the videocard, they have alot of problems with dualmonitor setup